fair1 [fer]
[ME < OE fæger, akin to FAIN, Goth fagrs, apt, fit < IE base * pek-, to be content, make (something) pretty > Lith púošiu, to ornament]
1. attractive; beautiful; lovely
2. unblemished; clean [a fair name]
3. [< notion that light coloring was desirable] light in color; blond [fair hair]
4. clear and sunny; free from storm or the threat of storm
5. easy to read; clear [a fair hand]
6. just and honest; impartial; unprejudiced; specif., free from discrimination based on race, religion, sex, etc. [fair employment practices, fair housing]
7. according to the rules [a fair blow]
8. likely; promising; advantageous [he is in a fair way to make money]
9. pleasant and courteous
10. favorable; helpful [a fair wind]
11. of moderately good size [a fair fortune]
12. neither very bad nor very good; average [in fair condition]
13. apparently favorable but really false; specious [fair words]
14. Archaic without obstacles; clear and open [a fair road]
15. Baseball of or having to do with the part of the field on or between the foul lines, including home plate
1. Obs. beauty
2. Archaic a woman
3. Archaic something fair, or good
1. in a fair manner
2. straight; squarely [struck fair in the face]
3. Baseball in or into the part of the field that is on or between the foul lines, including home plate
Dial. to become clear: said of the weather
to give a smooth or streamlined surface to
fair and square
Informal with justice and honesty
fair to middling
Informal moderately good; passable
no fair
not according to the rules: often used as an interjection
SYN.- FAIR1, the general word, implies the treating of both or all sides alike, without reference to one's own feelings or interests [a fair exchange ]; JUST1 implies adherence to a standard of rightness or lawfulness without reference to one's own inclinations [a just decision ]; IMPARTIAL and UNBIASED both imply freedom from prejudice for or against any side [an impartial chairman, an unbiased account ]; DISPASSIONATE implies the absence of passion or strong emotion, hence, connotes cool, disinterested judgment [a dispassionate critic ]; OBJECTIVE implies a viewing of persons or things without reference to oneself, one's interests, etc. [an objective newspaper ] -ANT. PREJUDICED, BIASED
fair2 [fer]
[ME feire < OFr < ML feria < LL, holiday (in LL(Ec), weekday) < L feriae, pl., festivals < OL fesiae, akin to L festus (see FEAST) < IE base * dhēs-, used in religious terms > Oscan fíísnu, temple, Arm dikʼ, gods]
1. Historical a gathering of people held at regular intervals for barter and sale of goods
2. a festival or carnival where there is entertainment and things are sold, often for charity; bazaar
a) an event consisting of a usually competitive exhibition of livestock, handicrafts, garden produce, etc. plus amusement facilities and educational displays
b) short for WORLD'S FAIR
c) any of various shows or conventions on a particular theme, typically consisting of booths, educational exhibits, vendors, etc.: usually in combination [science fair, book fair]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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